Thank you for choosing Fox & Mae to carry out your event services. We pride ourselves in our quality of work and dedication to your design. We will keep in touch each step of the way to ensure you’re happy with the final result. Please read through the terms and conditions before making payment. Initial deposit is deemed as acceptance of terms and conditions.

About These Terms and Conditions
In these Terms and Conditions “we” and “us” mean FOX & MAE ABN 51 510 187 787 and “you” means you the customer. These Terms and Conditions together with your Order constitute the entire Contract between us and you for the supply of products and/or services. No other Terms and Conditions will apply. The Contract cannot be varied unless we agree to vary it in writing or by email.

Legal Capacity to Transact
If you are under the age eighteen (18) years you can not place orders with FOX & MAE. By accepting these Terms and Conditions you acknowledge that you are over the age of eighteen (18) years. Should FOX & MAE suffer any damage or other losses as a result of a transaction entered into by a minor, FOX & MAE reserves the right to seek compensation for such losses from the parents or guardians of the minor who caused any order(s) to be placed with FOX & MAE.

All quotes are valid for 14 days. During the validity period, all products/services quoted are held reserved for the Client. The Client must pay a deposit within this time period to reserve the specified product, service or time allocation. After the validity period has passed and the quotation has expired, the Client no longer has any hold on the products and timing and the Client must contact FOX & MAE before paying the deposit to confirm the products/services are still available. Paying a deposit after the quote has expired will not confirm the booking. The products/services can only be re-offered provided they are still available.

Where an event is concerned, all quotations are valid for the specified event only. Where the products/services are used for a second event, FOX & MAE is entitled to charge the client full cost for the second event. FOX & MAE can often charge a reduced fee where the second event is advised and discussed beforehand. All event quotations are dependent on FOX & MAE and their sub-contractors or suppliers being given appropriate access to deliver, install and dismantle their products/services on the day/times specified in correspondence with the Client. These arrangements are to be confirmed by the venue and the Client with FOX & MAE before the deposit is paid.

Placing Your Order
You may place an Order by means of email, telephone or in person. Once your order has been placed, you will be issued with an invoice with payment breakdown and these Terms and Conditions. By placing an Order, you make an offer to us to purchase the products or services based on these Terms and Conditions.

All supplied personal and guest details are kept private. Information will only be used by FOX & MAE for the purpose of creating your stationery. Under no circumstances will this information be used otherwise or given to a third party.

All FOX & MAE designs are exclusive and original and protected under the Australian copyright Law. FOX & MAE cannot replicate existing designs. No design or photograph may be stored, copied or reproduced in whole or part without written consent from FOX & MAE.

Prices are quoted in Australian Dollars (AUD) and are subject to change. FOX & MAE reserves the right to change pricing at its discretion and without prior notice. Quotations are valid for 30 days from issue.

Due to the custom nature of each job the amount required as deposit will be discussed with you, at invoice stage. Your deposit is a non-refundable payment paid to FOX & MAE at commencement when and if:
a) You have signed a design brief
b) Stock or materials are ordered c) Design work has commenced

In any of these cases, FOX & MAE reserves the right to determine the refundable amount based on how much work has been done towards your service.

Where an event is concerned:

A deposit of 50% of the service fee is required upon commencement of planning and the style guide process. Deposits are non-refundable and will remain at 50% of the original quoted deposit. Should the total originally quoted decrease in value during the planning stage, the deposit will always remain at 50% of the original quoted price and is strictly non-refundable.

Deposits are non-transferable. If there is a change to your date or venue FOX & MAE will try and accommodate but cannot refund the deposit if FOX & MAE is unable to meet the changed requirements.

In paying the deposit, the Client deems these terms and conditions to be understood and agreed upon. In paying the deposit, the Client agrees to the specifications set out on their supplied quotation/invoice.

When delivery is required, all parcels are delivered by the national post service, Australia Post, by registered delivery, which includes parcel tracking and signature upon receipt. Parcels are sent via express post upon request. Postage cost is dependent on destination, package size, weight and the number of deliveries required. Where the client requires multiple deliveries, the client is expected to pay the associated postage and handling fees.  Clients should consider insuring their products as FOX & MAE is not liable for any loss or damage caused in transit by third parties. If an authority to leave is requested by the client, they must do so in writing. FOX & MAE is not liable for any loss or damage if parcels are left unattended at the client’s request.

Artwork and Design
All artwork and design remains the property of FOX & MAE. FOX & MAE will discuss your design in detail prior to issuing a quotation. The client is welcome to present photographic ideas and inspirations to FOX & MAE for consideration. While FOX & MAE cannot legally replicate existing artwork, we endeavor to create a design that is as close as possible to the desired.

After a deposit is made, FOX & MAE will proceed to layout design examples for the client. Your artwork fee is dependent on the extent and complexity of the design and will be reflected in your initial quote. The designs will be refined on a step by step basis, with the client offering input along the way. Once the final design is selected the client is presented with a proof and a sign off form.

FOX & MAE offers up to 8 revisions, unless otherwise discussed in writing. After the 8th revision to any artwork, an additional fee will apply of $25 per revision. Where FOX & MAE has misunderstood the request or previously failed to provide a requested revision, the revision will be completed at no cost to the Client.

Samples, Proofs and Sign Off
After the final custom design is selected, FOX & MAE will issue the client with a digital proof.  A printed sample proof is available by request. When the proof is approved by the client, the Client is to sign and date the Artwork Approval Form that is issued with the proof. Once this form is signed, the design is deemed final. Any changes that occur after signing the approval form are charged at $77 inc gst per hour, at a minimum of 2 hours. Where the design is to be changed completely, a rate of $77 inc gst per hour is applied.

Due to the nature of these printing processes, FOX & MAE cannot provide a printed proof in letterpress or gold foil, offset or any other print method not performed by a digital CMYK printer.

Custom details
The client is to supply FOX & MAE with any custom details that will be printed as they are supplied. FOX & MAE will provide the client a Details Submission Form. All details that are supplied to FOX & MAE are deemed to be accurate. FOX & MAE does not perform a spell or grammar check on custom provided details.

The foiling process consists of a magnesium printing block that uses high temperatures to stamp an existing design onto chosen stock. Due to the high set up cost of a foil print, no proofs can be supplied in foil. The pressure required by the machine to achieve the desired output is likely to push the printed design through the stock, making it visible on the underside. This often occurs when thinner stocks are used and is a natural reaction of the printing process.

The letterpress process consists of a photopolymer printing plate that transfers an existing design onto chosen stock using a high amount of pressure. Due to the high set up cost of letterpress printing, no proofs can be supplied in letterpress. The pressure required by the machine to achieve the desired output is likely to push the printed design through the stock, making it visible on the underside. This often occurs when thinner stocks are used and is a natural reaction of the printing process. Slight fading of ink and non-uniformity across individual cards is a common and natural effect of the letterpress print.

When the client requests duplexing of stock, they are to be aware that duplexing can sometimes cause certain stocks to slightly bow. Duplexing can only be agreed upon in writing once the Client is supplied with a sample in their chosen stock by FOX & MAE.

Digital Print
FOX & MAE digitally printed invitations are printed on a commercial CMYK printer. Due to the nature of CMYK inks, colours on screen can vary slightly across proofs and final print. Colours will also vary across different stocksAll of the stock recommended by FOX & MAE is guaranteed quality with letterpress, foil and digital print. When stock is selected by the client and has not been tested, FOX & MAE will not be liable for the quality of output.

Payment Methods and Processing
FOX & MAE currently accepts EFT, credit card and cash payments. If you choose to pay be EFT your order will not be processed until payment is confirmed in our account. Payment processing will not begin until we receive all the information we need. You will be issued an invoice after each payment is made.

Please ensure whenever you make a payment that you inform FOX & MAE. Please refrain from paying the final balance prior to 14 days unless discussed with FOX & MAE.

Final payments (events):
Where an event is concerned, final payments are due strictly 7 days prior to the event unless otherwise arranged.

All details of the quote must be finalised prior to the event due to the need for notice with third party suppliers and purchases. By 14 days prior to the event date, no changes can be made to the final quote.

Any cheques must be received 21 days prior to allow for clearance. FOX & MAE will not order any items or perform any services until payment clears. Late payments will risk the availability of products, especially if custom ordered. Failure to make payment within the specified time frame may result in additional administration costs. FOX & MAE reserves the right to cancel the booking if payment in full isn't received within 7 days to the event, in which case, no monies will be refunded to the Client.

Final payments (Invitations)
Where invitations/stationery is concerned, full payment is required strictly 4 days before pick up.


Supply Of Your Products
Subject to these Terms and Conditions, we will supply to you the Products indicated on your Tax Invoice.

Delivery Of Your Products
Production typically takes 2-4 weeks after a digital proof has been confirmed. Delivery time varies according to your physical location in Australia. We use Australia post to deliver your goods and require the shipping address you use to have a person available to sign for the goods during normal business hours. All of our goods ship from Melbourne, please take into consideration the likely delivery lead time for shipping. It would be 1-4 days Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and 2-5 days for regional areas. FOX & MAE makes every effort to deliver your Product according to the estimated delivery times provided above. The estimated delivery times are in business days (Monday through Friday) excluding Public holidays. Although every effort is made to ship your Order according to the estimated delivery times provided, estimated shipping times may change due to changes in supply or circumstances beyond our control. If your Product has not arrived after the estimated delivery time, please contact us.

Your Rights To Return A Product
We understand that special circumstances, such as a venue or date change, may occur. If you are faced with these special circumstances, please consider one of the following options. If you approve a proof that has a textual error and the order is in the printing, shipping or delivery stages, you must reorder the items in order to amend the error. We will extend a 40% off discount to reorders of this type, call us and we can provide a promotional code to help offset this expense. No refunds, credit or replacements are offered if you have changed your mind about the product or have made an incorrect choice when placing an Order. No refund will be provided if you made errors in spelling or text.

Limited time frame to claim product return
You have 14 days to notify FOX & MAE of an issue regarding a delivery. Please open and inspect your invitations in detail and notify us immediately if there are any issues. Claims outside of the 14 days period will not be considered. FOX & MAE recommends picking up of products or transit insurance as we are not liable for damage during transit.

Stock Colours
We advise that while every care is taken in images produced on our site actual shades may vary on different screen monitors. We recommend that a sample be purchased prior to placing an order. In addition shade variations occasionally occur in different stock batch lots. We recommend that you order all required items at the same time to ensure no batch variations occur. We ensure to the customers about the design and shade of the cards, however, there might be a possibility that in future there could be a slight change in the colour and texture of the cards. There might be a possibility of difference in shade between the actual colour of card and the image shown on the website. As these images are in JPEG format, the colour depends on the resolution of the computer monitors.

Cancellation Policy
All cancellations must be submitted in writing.

Should the client decide to cancel an order at any stage of the process, FOX & MAE will determine the cancellation fee in addition the the non-refundable deposit. The cancellation fee will be based on the extent of work that has been done towards the order.

Where an event is concerened:

In the result that a cancellation occurs within 30 days of acceptance of invoice, all monies paid, less the deposit will be refunded.

In the result that a cancellation occurs prior to the 30 days before the event, FOX & MAE will withhold any monies that have been allocated to securing or purchasing stock, or where a significant portion of customised items have been manufactured. FOX & MAE will reserve all monies to cover these costs, plus an administration fee of $700, and refund the remainder to the client.

In the result of a cancellation of a coordination package/styling event where a service fee has been charged, FOX & MAE will withhold 50% of the service fee as well as the initial deposit paid.

Refunds and returns
FOX & MAE will provide a refund or reprint the product at our own cost under these following circumstances:
The layout/ product wording is different from the latest digital proof that has been approved by customer. Full liability for final proofreading lies solely with the customer, and FOX & MAE will only take responsibility for the cost of the reprint if the printed artwork is different than the final, approved digital proof, irrespective of the previous drafts and edit requests by customers.

FOX & MAE will NOT provide a full refund or resupply its services at no cost, under the following circumstances:
Delays in delivery that are the responsibility of Australia Post or independent courier/ freight companies.

Colour discrepency - as per our terms and conditions colour variations from the proof and/ or sample received may occur, due to the nature of print production techniques. Unless the colour variation is outside of the reasonable acceptance threshold (up to 10% change in colour tone) no refund/reprint will be provided.

Event Coordination/Styling
FOX & MAE has a minimum stylist service fee of $3500 during peak seasons (September - April) and $2500 during off-peak Seasons (May - August).

The role of FOX & MAE is initially that of an Advisor. The Client will make an actual selection of the Service Providers, and FOX & MAE will implement these selections unless the Client has opted for a styling package. In the case of a styling package, FOX & MAE is responsible for seeing out the appropriate suppliers in order to realise the style of the event accordingly. Where the Client requests to choose their own suppliers, FOX & MAE will not undertake any responsibility for the quality of the event. This includes suppliers' failure to deliver on time and to deliver according to a pre-determined and approved style guide.

In any case where major suppliers are coordinated, the Client will make payment directly to the Service Provider unless otherwise agreed upon. FOX & MAE must be notified of any necessary changes made between the Client and the selected Service Providers. Service Providers accepted by the Client shall be liable for their own business practises. FOX & MAE does not assume responsibility for the negligent acts nor ommission of such professionals. The Client agrees to hold harmless FOX & MAE for any error, nonperformance or change made by any vendor. Liability is limited to the fee paid. The Client understands that FOX & MAE will not enter into this agreement without this clause.

Force Majeure

he client agrees to hold harmless FOX & MAE for an Act of God, weather conditions that may affect the event, acts of war etc.

In the event that the Client is forced to change the date of the event, every effort will be made by FOX & MAE and staff to transfer location reservations, sub-contractors and FOX & MAE support to the new date. Additional service charges will be applicable in such an event.

The Client agrees that in the event of a date change, any expenses including, but not limited to the deposits and fees that are non-refundable and non-transferrable are the sole responsibility of the Client. The Client further understands that last minute changes can impact the quality of the event and that FOX & MAE is not responsible for these compromises in quality.


FOX & MAE has the right to pass on any price increases on sub-hire equipment by suppliers.

FOX & MAE has the right to pass on any increase in labour due to last-minute changes, including additional fees incurred through late-night or early morning installations, or having to wait more than 30 minutes due to delays outside the control of FOX & MAE.

Delays in access to the venue for installation or removal will incur a standby charge at the rate of $50.00 AUD per hour after the first 30 minutes. Electrical power is to be provided by the Client/Venue as per the agreed conditions. FOX & MAE does not warrant the suitability, capacity or electrical supply arrangement unless specifically provided by FOX & MAE.

In the event of the venue changing the installation or dismantle times outside that which is possible for FOX & MAE, the Client accepts the risk that the job may not go ahead as offered and that alliterative arrangements must be made. In the likelihood that this should happen, the Client accepts responsibility for full payment of the quotation and any other additional costs incurred.

In the event that an unforseen situation occurs and changes to the design have to be made, FOX & MAE will make every endeavour to contact the Client to approve any changes. If however, the Client is not contactable, FOX & MAE reserves the right to alter the design to fit in with the constraints. By paying the deposit the Client agrees to this potential situation.

In the event of existing or external hire items impacting the installation of the quoted items, FOX & MAE will endeavour to install quoted items, for example, if another company has installed lighting or venue has installed permanent lighting. If unable to install/deliver/dismantle due to this reason, no monies will be refunded.

No liability is accepted where incorrect use or mistreatment of equipment occurs, or if the installation is altered by the Client/Venue without permission. Once installed and until dismantled, loss or damage to equipment and all other risk passes to and remains with the Client/Venue.

Adverse weather conditions and outdoor watering systems can affect outdoor setups. The Client agrees not to undertake any garden watering in proximity to the installed equipment and acknowledges that while every effort is made to minimise the impact of adverse weather, any consequences of adverse weather remains the Client's risk whereby FOX & MAE is to be reimbursed for any damages/replacement of their equipment.

Where hire items have been sourced from a third party, any damage to these items from completion of set-up until the initiation of pack down, will be the sole responsibility of the Client, in which case, any damage waivers and fees will be forwarded directly to the Client.

FOX & MAE will not adjust, dismantle or install any existing fixtures in the venue that are going to affect the agreed design. This is unto the venue to arrange. The Client is also to ensure that the workspace is clear of furniture or hazards unless negotiated with FOX & MAE. Where furniture and hazards impact the workspace area, FOX & MAE will not be held responsible in any delays that occur with regards to setup.

In the event of adverse weather conditions that prevent the event or hired goods being installed or taking place at the arranged site, no monies will be refunded. FOX & MAE will do their best to accommodate any reasonable request to setup the event in an alternate location providing this does not interfere with other bookings. If there is a chance of inclement weather that will affect hired goods, a decision and contingency plan will be developed amongst FOX & MAE and the Client prior to the event. 

Problems Before and During the Event:/
Once installation is complete, all lights/decorations are checked by FOX & MAE and left in full working and clean order. Information as to the whereabouts and operation of the power/dimmer/controls will be explained to a person nominated by the Venue/Client and that person will be responsible for turning on the lights or delegating this responsibility before the Client arrives.

It is the Client's responsibility to let the venue know to turn the lighting and check decorations well in advance (minimum of 2 hours) of the beginning of the event. This also applies to the lighting of candles.

If lighting or decorations are found to be faulty, FOX & MAE should be contacted within this period or as soon so that they have time to fix any problems. If the Venue/Client does not contact FOX & MAE, FOX & MAE cannot be held accountable for any problems and the client will not be entitled to any refund.

Damaged and Missing Goods/Insurance:
The Client is liable for any damage, loss or breakage of goods from time of pick up, delivery or install until returned, collected or dismantled to/by FOX & MAE staff.

Replacement and repair costs will be charged at the discretion of the supplier regardless of whether the client, venue or guest damaged the item.

Replacement costs are charged in full. It is up to the Client to follow up payment if damaged by a third party during the hire period.

Hired Equipment
No smoking or open flame is allowed near any hired equipment. It is the Client's responsibility to notify their guests of appropriate smoking areas during the event. Any fire damage caused nu the Client, the Venue or guests will be the sole responsibility of the Client.

Use of photos
FOX & MAE will use the photos of our creative work for promotional purposes. Please let us know if this is an issue at the time of booking your event or stationery package.

All creative work by FOX & MAE and third party suppliers must be credited accordingly. All publications (media, print, blog, social media) must credit us as the supplier for the concept and items hired within this quote/invoice.

Disagreements and disputes will be submitted to the Jurisdiction of Courts in Victoria.